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Online Casino Platform Independent 3D Games

Online casino sites are beginning to realize the importance of catering to both PC and Mac platform players. Currently, Mac users make up 4.4% of casino gamers, and until recently have not been catered to properly. A popular online casino has recently released a 3D software for the ever expanding internet gaming market. Unlike most online casinos, this one allows both Mac and PC users to play their array of 3D poker games.

An online casino software group is attempting to expand its position in the online casino billion dollar market by launching a new batch of poker games and tournaments. The software is the first 3D online gaming system that is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms, and is available as a free download. Online casinos have thousands of fans who currently enjoy the existing suite of 3D Poker games. These enthusiasts now have the opportunity to play more poker varieties, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 5 Card Stud poker, with additional games available as tournaments.

By addressing both desktop platforms from the very beginning, the online casino software group has won major accolades, especially in the Macintosh market. They are still one of very few downloadable poker clients for the Mac users. Online casinos are constantly striving to meet the increasing global demand for poker; and this software offers a variety of poker formats to suit everyone’s tastes. Additional features include real-life sounds, avatars and a realistic poker room look. Soon everyone will have the ability to enjoy the 3D gaming experience at their favorite casino.

Online Casino Sites Look to the Future

The future of online casino gambling is likely going to be on your mobile phone or PDA. Did you know this?

The future of online casino gambling is likely going to be on your mobile phone or PDA. Did you know this? Of course, this isn’t based on any sort of revealed plan, but rather on speculation about existing plans which will need to face a very different future than all of the previous online gambling plans before them. Washington has managed to throw its weight around again and tell Americans how to spend their money – or not spend their money. However you see it, the world of online casino gambling will never be the same.

The same thing was also said when Party Gaming when public on the London Stock Exchange and then fell precipitously when a less than favorable earnings report nearly wiped out any gains. Since then, Party Gaming has been much more careful in its wording and has used other announcers than those usually taking part. Since phone lines on the ground and the web is becoming more and more crowded with ever-more online casinos, the next logical step is of course going mobile – to the max.

Truly accurate and safe mobile casino software hasn’t yet been tested, but once it is you can bet its going to be out there and people are going to be clamoring for it. If you like online casino software, that’s great. If you’re tired of the news, you’re only going to have to deal with it because it’s going to get “worse”!

Online Casino Selection Criterias

For some people, the internet is a vast sea of unknown things that are too complex to understand. It is easy to understand why many elderly gamers are hesitant about going online and would rather prefer the traditional method of gambling. To better help players make the right and safe choice, let us examine a few important things that needs to be undertaken in selecting a good online casino.

Factor #1. Reliability

How many times have players mentioned the reliability of an online casino? This refers to the rules of the establishment and how they are followed as well as being implemented. Casinos should be the first ones to follow their own rules such as payouts on a prompt and timely manner, assuring players of their concerns and doing something about it. The reason why some people still endorse the land based casinos is that they can confront a real live person to talk to.

Factor #2. Consistency

While many casinos promise large bonuses and incentives, how sure is the player that they would be given at the right time and condition? Players who sign up should take a moment to read the terms and stipulations of the website. Some may promise a huge bonus but maybe after a specific win amount is located. Players that sign up with out being aware of what the rules are should not blame the casino for their own negligence.

Factor #3 Security

This refers to the information released to the casino by the player. Casinos often ask players to sign their info up on the first day. Players should check if the connection used is secure or not. Some casinos require players to log into a secure site and not just the site used for advertising purposes.

Factor #4. Graphics

The overall appearance of the casino has a different effect for many gamers. Some may prefer simple block or 32 bit graphics while others prefer the more realistic ones. Players should bear in mind that the more complex the graphics, the more demanding it is on the processing power of the computer. One should check the system requirements before joining the website or else ones money would be stuck unless one upgrades to a faster computer.

Factor #5 Customer Support

While many online casinos offer many means of reaching them in any case goes wrong, players should inspect their 24 hour customer support line. Is it working? Does one have to wait for a long time before a live person answers? Some players might let the other factors get away but they would like to be assured that their needs and concerns would be taken cared of.

These are some of the most common concerns of players that choose to play online. Players should take these factors into consideration especially if one is not too techno savvy.

Online Casino Player Hits the Biggest Poker Game Progressive

Online caino player hits the biggest progressive poker game jackpot at Blackjack Ballroom, a microgaming powered online caino, with a life changing $309,766 prize payout.

R.R., a lucky casino player from Finland, started with a $500 free play caino bonus and hit the jackpot on Poker Ride progressive game with a Royal Flush. Earlier this year a caino player from the UK won a grand total of $194,000 at another Casino Rewards Group site. Blackjack Ballroom offers all new players 1 hour and $500 free for free to use at their casino. Blackjack Ballroom features 15 progressive jackpot games, including table games, slots and card games catering for every players needs and wants.

Progressive jackpots increase constantly with every game played as a part of each hand played is placed in a progressive pot. with online casinos such as those owned and opersated by the Casino Rewards group able to offer extra large payouts due to numerous players contributing to a common jackpot. Currently the total progressive jackpot available at Blackjack Ballroom is just over $8 million.

Casino Rewards was stablished in 2000 and is considered to be a well trusted industry leader offering some of the best casinos online, the biggest bonus packages and game varieties on the net. Casino Rewards group of casinos offers a technologically advanced interactive online cainos which include Blackjack Ballroom, Golden Tiger, Captain Cooks and more.