Online Casino Platform Independent 3D Games

Online casino sites are beginning to realize the importance of catering to both PC and Mac platform players. Currently, Mac users make up 4.4% of casino gamers, and until recently have not been catered to properly. A popular online casino has recently released a 3D software for the ever expanding internet gaming market. Unlike most online casinos, this one allows both Mac and PC users to play their array of 3D poker games.

An online casino software group is attempting to expand its position in the online casino billion dollar market by launching a new batch of poker games and tournaments. The software is the first 3D online gaming system that is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms, and is available as a free download. Online casinos have thousands of fans who currently enjoy the existing suite of 3D Poker games. These enthusiasts now have the opportunity to play more poker varieties, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 5 Card Stud poker, with additional games available as tournaments.

By addressing both desktop platforms from the very beginning, the online casino software group has won major accolades, especially in the Macintosh market. They are still one of very few downloadable poker clients for the Mac users. Online casinos are constantly striving to meet the increasing global demand for poker; and this software offers a variety of poker formats to suit everyone’s tastes. Additional features include real-life sounds, avatars and a realistic poker room look. Soon everyone will have the ability to enjoy the 3D gaming experience at their favorite casino.

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