Online casinos a big hit in Greece

A lot of news coming from Greece right now might be revolving around the countries major financial crisis, but that hasn’t stopped many Greeks from turning to online casinos as a pastime, and actually doing very well.

Whether or not poker is a game of luck or skill has been debated since the game began, but most people agree it’s certainly a mix of both, and the best luck in the world won’t help you if you don’t learn a few good poker tricks and get in some practice at the game. According to one popular Greek gambling news site though, one player from Greece titled Maria A. won 20,000 Euros on a 25 Euro bet by producing a royal flush at odds of 1 to 40,000. Maria has since returned to the same casino and has continued to make money playing online poker.

The exact same day another Greek woman, Anna O., played the exact same casino and managed to win 1,500 Euro on a straight flush betting another tiny amount. Previously, Greece hasn’t really been very involved in online gambling compared to other European countries, but the growing popularity of online gaming and especially technology advances that have allowed live casino streams have meant that despite the countries problems, online gaming has a seem a growth in the last year.

Could gambling be the way for Greece to solve it’s current fiscal issues? Not likely, but it’s certainly a way for many people to take their mind off the big problems. One casino manager commented: “Obviously it’s a bit odd that we kept losing to Greek players during July, but that is the thrill of casino play. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. The Greeks had an amazing hot streak in our games, so we just have to pay. We do not intend to cover all of the Greek national debt this way, but paying out to a few lucky players is only fair and fun.”

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